Corporate Catering

We currently provide our clients with the production and distribution of ready-made meals, quick meals, chilled and deep-frozen meals for corporate and competitive catering. At the same time, we operate company food stores (canteens). We also prepare complete catering events for our customers, such as birthday parties, corporate parties, presentations and the like. Our clients also use our restaurant for business and private visits, where we provide them with selected services.

In the field of company and competition catering, we offer as standard:
4 types of ready meals
3 types of minute meals
2 types of coated plates
1 kind of fruit plate
2 types of soups
2 types of draft juices, a drink that the customer adjusts himself (sugar, syrup, lemon)

We also have in our daily menu:
12 types of permanent minutes
7 types of standard minute supplements
13 types of exclusive attachments
11 types of ice cream sundaes

In all establishments, we work in a no-order system with the option of cashless and cashless payment. At all times, we guarantee customers a choice from all offered meals.

This fact allows diners to use the entire delivery time. This ensures smooth delivery and sufficient time to consume meals.

Another indisputable advantage of our services is the fact that we do not limit the size of portions served to our customers. Each boarder receives as much food as he is able to consume in the dining hall upon request. The same goes for soup and drinks. We already increase the portion size in the basic calculation by 10% compared to the state standard.

This system ensures that our diners are fully satisfied, which, together with the quality of the meals served, we consider to be a priority in the gastronomic field.

The success of these procedures is also proven by the fact that, on a long-term average, up to 92% of employees working in the facility use our services.

Diners also take advantage of the opportunity to customize their meals to their liking using various ingredients available at the food counter.

We supply company stores (canteens) every day from our central warehouses, which continuously contain more than 600 types of goods intended for sale, thus we are able to ensure the supply of all our establishments. In the event of an atypical customer request, we respond in a very short time.

In the canteens, it is possible to pay cashless, with meal vouchers or in cash.